Raw Materials

We are into exporting of raw material as per client requirements related to different markets. All our raw materials exported are quality tested and approved as per the standards. We also have tie ups with factories from China and Taiwan.

To list out the raw material exported by EIPL on a regular basis is as follows

Plastic Industry:

PP / PVC / PET Film Sheets, Fillers, Colour Masterbatches, PP & PET Preforms, etc

Writing / Printing Industry:

Metal tips / ball points of various thickness ranging from 0.6 mm to 1.2 mm, inks suitable for writing (gel / ball point) and printing.

Thermoware / House Hold Products

  • Chemicals like Polyurethane, Isocyanate used for foaming.
  • Stainless steel inner Bowls and liners for hot pots.
  • Stainless steel circles / sheets in customised sizes for making steel inners for casseroles / hot pots

Snacks / Food Industry

Corn grits – used for making corn snacks like cheese balls or extruded snacks flavors / seasoning – developed as per buyer's requirement. Some of the regular flavors exported by us are cheese, vanilla, masala, cream and onion, fruity flavors like mango, orange, strawberry, etc.

Pellets – available in different shapes and sizes. Cereal based.

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