We have a team of experienced and renowned mould makers. A complete range of moulds related to blow, injection, preform moulding, thermoforming, etc. includes in our list.

Images of finished products enclosed below are for reference to the moulds made by EIPL.

  • Types of moulds for injection moulding : chairs, tables, stool, buckets, casseroles, household trolleys, etc.
  • Types of moulds for blow moulding : coolers of different sizes ranging from 0.5 ltr to 100 lts and above.
  • Types of blowing moulds for PET / PP Preforms : household jars in PET / PP, sports bottles, jugs, juice bottles, etc. We also make moulds for manufacturing PP / PET Preforms.
  • Types of moulds for Thermoforming / Vaccum forming : disposable cups, trays, plates, spoon, forks, etc. Biscuit trays, take away containers, etc.
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